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Welcome to the American International School of Zagreb!

We are an MSA accredited school providing exceptional education to the expatriate, diplomatic, business and local communities of Zagreb.

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The goal of learning and teaching at AISZ is to develop self-directed individuals in an interdependent world. At AISZ, we strive to balance the polarities of rigor and inclusion, to fulfill our mission.

Newly Constructed, Purpose Built Campus
Newly Constructed, Purpose Built Campus

State-of-the-art learning environment, designed in line with the latest education research

Rich heritage of educational excellence spanning over 50 years
Rich heritage of educational excellence spanning over 50 years

The American School of Zagreb was founded in May 1966 to serve the needs of the American community residing in Zagreb.


"Students from over 30 countries participate in student-centered inquiry as they learn both for their immediate lives and develop skills and understandings enabling them to meet the demands of an ever changing and complex future."

School life

AISZ is a member of the Central Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA). CEESA Activities & Athletics operates as an extension of the CEESA schools and organizes a number of sporting, academic and cultural events at the middle and high school levels. The sports and activities facilitate the development of each student through academic, athletic, and artistic/cultural endeavors. At every activity or competition, CEESA Sports and Activities attempts to maximize the cultural, social and intercultural opportunities available at the host venue