Upper School

To develop internationally-minded people who help to make meaningful contributions in the school, community and the world.

Stephen DexterThe Dexters moved overseas from the USA in 2009 because it was important for us to experience the future, today, in the context of an international program.

It is why we decided to join the AISZ community and to be a part of its unique future.

At AISZ, our vision for the secondary student is simple: To develop internationally-minded people who help to make meaningful contributions in the school, community and the world. Our means to achieve this vision is through an emphasis on integrated learning, global engagement, and intercultural understanding.

The AISZ medium of instruction is English, and applicant students must meet prerequisite levels of academic English proficiency, especially upon entering the International Baccalaureate Programme in Grade 11. Students are provided English language learning support at all levels.

As an inclusive school, AISZ has no prerequisites for entry into the full IB program. We encourage even students who have not had strong academic records to try if they are well motivated. We believe that students of all abilities benefit from the coherent, holistic approach to learning that the IB DP offers.

We are proud of our diverse and caring community of learners and an environment nurturing a growth mindset. AISZ upper school is a place where we manage the balance between rigor and inclusion, aspiring to a become a place where students feel safe and empowered, motivated to engage in diverse learning experiences, supporting and inspiring themselves and others toward self-directedness.

Upper School Supply List

Upper School students have the choice to use their preferred way to create and keep notes. They can use notebooks or binders for their notes.

All Upper School students are required to keep Subject Portfolios, which may be in binders OR electronic form using Managebac, Google Drive, or Wordpress and similar platforms.

The school provides netbooks for each student to use for the school year. Students can also use their own laptops.

Each student is assigned a lockable locker to keep their personal items.

Please take into consideration that AISZ has a cell-phone free policy and cell-phones cannot be used during the day.

Upper School Curriculum

The mission of AISZ is to build character and skills for futures rich with promise. In developing the AISZ Learning Ecosystem, we’ve framed our work within the three main pillars of the Common Ground Collaborative: conceptual learning, competency learning, and character learning. Through inquiry-based methodologies and an integrated approach, our commitment to innovative education comes to life.

Middle School

At AISZ, every student will become an expert in his or her learning. Every student is known, advocated for and supported. Every student personalizes learning and pursues dreams.


High School

High School (Grades 9-12) experience a broad range of subjects. Students are expected to engage in structured and student-directed inquiries in each subject. They continue to learn through complex tasks and asked to self-monitor, self-manage and self-modify. Reflection is an important part of learning. High school students are expected to be independent inquirers.


Student Learning

AISZ strives to deliver a coherent, articulated PK-12 curriculum driven by inquiry and sustained by critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills. Problem-solving in unfamiliar and authentic situations, and interdisciplinary transfer of concepts and skills are priorities as teachers design units of inquiry.

Assessment at AISZ is based on success criteria, which align with the International Baccalaureate subject criteria and are used by students, teachers and parents to decide next steps in each student’s learning. Reflection, self-assessment and peer feedback are essential parts of assessment at AISZ.

Professional Learning

Adult learning at AISZ is an integral part of curriculum development. AISZ recognizes that teacher learning has the capacity to impact student learning. Teachers collaborate to develop craftsmanship and flexibility in instruction and assessment.

At AISZ, professional development is mission-driven and addresses strategic priorities for the school’s growth and improvement. Most importantly, teachers learn and create the environments and experiences in which students are able to develop growth mindsets. Parents are considered partners in learning, and regular professional learning sessions are provided for parents.

Code of Conduct

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Summer Break

School is closed until August 19th.

Please see our Re-Entry Guidelines