An AISZ education extends far beyond classroom walls. Our students are challenged to be global citizens and live meaningful, engaged lives that make a difference.

Student Life

  1. Service Learning connects curriculum with the greater community. It offers students and staff the opportunity to go beyond the curriculum by responding to the actual needs in the community. Through our efforts, we instill a sense of leadership, civic responsibility and problems solving while, at the same time, making learning more meaningful and enriching our curriculum.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


Your Parent Teacher Association (PTA) comprises parents and teachers of the AISZ. All the parents of every student in the school is automatically a member.


We aim to bring the school community together, promoting the values of the school, and supporting parents. We also like to have FUN and so a big part of what we do is organizing events and activities with just that in mind. Some of the bigger ones are the welcome picnic at the start of the school year and the Spring Dance.


The PTA has an executive committee (see below) who seek to lead the organisation but we rely on volunteers to contribute whatever they can whenever they can to make sure we get things done. With that in mind, we'd encourage you to get involved. Drop us an email or better yet, come up and talk to us whenever you see us. You'll get more out of it than you put in, we can assure you!

Minutes - PTA Meeting - April 2019 (pdf, 427 KB)
Minutes - PTA Meeting - March 2019 (pdf, 541 KB)
Summer Break

School is closed until August 19th.

Please see our Re-Entry Guidelines