Admissions Process

Whether you live in Croatia or will be relocating to Zagreb from another country, we recognize the importance of finding the right education setting for your family. We are here to help.

Application Timeline 2023-24

For the 2023-24 school year, an application can be submitted at any point in time. We encourage families to do so at their earliest convenience due to limited capacity for each grade level. For specific programs such as the IB/DP, a student may not be admitted after the first few weeks of school due to the nature of this program and its requirements.

AISZ currently provides two diploma options. All AISZ students graduate with a rigorous but flexible AISZ Diploma. This diploma is designed to provide maximum flexibility for graduates' future plans. Some students may also choose to participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program. The IB Diploma is a rigorous two-year program designed for students in Grades 11 and 12.

To apply for Grade 11, prospective students must submit their applications by September 1st of the academic year in which they wish to attend. Applications to Grade 12 will only be reviewed under extenuating circumstances; it's important to note that admission to Grade 12 is possible but comes with unique challenges as the majority of AISZ courses are two year courses in Grades 11 and 12. Specifically, new Grade 12 students with no IB experience may be scheduled into grade 11 classes. Though all applicants will be considered, successful admission for Grade 12 students will depend on factors such as student need, past coursework, future aspirations, and program suitability.


All complete applications will be reviewed on an individual basis. The Admissions office strives to complete the application review process and notify families of next steps within ten business days of the application completion date. Please note that the time span for application review during school holidays might take up to four weeks. Rolling admission will be possible from March 2023 to March 2024.

Current enrollment for the 2023-24 school year by section:

  • Lower School
    • Pre Kindergarten is at full capacity. If accepted, students will be placed on a waiting list.
    • Kindergarten - Grade 5 - available seats.
  • Middle School
    • Grades 6-8 – available seats.
  • Enrollment to high school is particularly competitive and seats are in high demand. We are encouraging entry into middle school grades as an advantage.
    • Grades 9, 10, and 11 are at full capacity at this point in time. If accepted, students will be placed on a waiting list.
    • Grade 12 – applications need to be completed as soon as possible.

For more details on specific grade level capacity, please contact the Admissions office.

If an applicant is accepted but no seats are available in the appropriate class, they will be placed on a waiting list and families will be asked to confirm the placement on the waiting list. If a seat becomes available in the appropriate class, the place may be offered to a student on the waiting list. Acceptance on the waiting list is for one academic year and may require further documentation before admittance into subsequent school years. We will contact families towards the end of the academic year to confirm their status.

Important note for families relocating to Zagreb: Families should not disenroll their child/ren from their current school until they have been accepted at AISZ. Completing an application does not guarantee admission.

Apply to AISZ

Meet our Admissions Manager

Martina joined the AISZ community in 2017 where she worked with families across the school in an administrative role. After discovering her passion for supporting families who are in transition – moving to Zagreb, joining new schools, perhaps even moving to an entirely new country - she was promoted to admissions manager in 2021.

Born and raised in Zagreb, Martina enjoys meeting people from different cultures and communities, and learning about their lives and experiences. She believes that students benefit immensely from being part of an international, multicultural, and diverse community, and she’s committed to helping families make the right choice for their children’s education. Martina’s favorite thing about AISZ is seeing students’ smiling faces as they enter school each day. Martina is multi-lingual and speaks English and Croatian, and she is currently working toward becoming fluent in German. Her favorite way to spend her free time is with her family; as an animal person that includes a number of cats and dogs.

Martina would welcome the opportunity to meet your children and your family, and she invites you to reach out by email or phone to schedule a tour of the school campus and/or a video call. She is here to answer your questions and guide you through the application process at AISZ. She has found that these introductory meetings can be very informative and often help reduce anxiety and stress that can be associated with a family’s transfer to a new location. In addition, all families are encouraged to explore the AISZ website to learn more about the school, its academic and extracurricular programs, and to take a walk on the AISZ campus through this virtual tour.

Martina Ozir
Martina Ozir
+385 (0) 1 7999 306

The first step in this process is to complete the below form. After logging in to our platform, a one-time payment of a non-refundable Application Fee is required. Applications are reviewed only when the application is completed in full and submitted through the portal.

Click here to start your application.

If there are questions about, for example, differences in the educational systems, the applicant will be invited to come in for an interview and assessment as deemed necessary (language, math, etc.). 

In Middle School, all applicants who are non-native English speakers will be given an English assessment as part of the application process. If deemed necessary by the Admissions committee, the applicant will also be invited for additional assessments.

All High School applicants will be given a Math assessment and will be invited for an online interview; in addition to an English assessment for non-native English speakers.

Application Checklist

Fully completed applications must include (but are not limited to):

  • Last two years of report cards (a certified English copy)
  • Official Transcripts (for HS students)
  • Two medical forms (downloadable from the online application portal)
  • Confidential teacher recommendation forms (also downloadable from the online portal)
  • Any external assessment results (if applicable)
  • Notification of Special Needs (if applicable) with supporting documentation
  • Any documentation that includes Learning Support services such as an IEP; documents cannot be more than three years old.

All documents must be translated into English with certified copies submitted to the school.

Application Priorities

AISZ follows a priority system in line with its Admission Guidelines, which are:

  • Priority 1: Dependents of employees of the United States Embassy of Croatia and their associated Diplomatic Missions, and eligible dependents of AISZ faculty.
  • Priority 2: Expatriate or host country students transferring from an international posting who do not yet have a school in Zagreb.
  • Priority 3: Expatriate or host country students transferring from a local or international school in the greater Zagreb area. 
Criteria for Admission

Each candidate's application materials are carefully reviewed to assess the applicant's potential for success as a student at AISZ. The following list, while not exhaustive nor in any particular order, describes criteria that are taken into consideration during the admissions process. 

  • School reports, recommendations, and references from previous schools
  • Academic performance
  • Credits eligible for AISZ diploma for Upper School applicants
  • Behavior/discipline records
  • EAL proficiency based upon experience and testing results for students in Grades 6-12 who are not native English speakers
  • Student interview (as requested and required by the admissions committee)
  • Math assessment for High School applicants
  • Program requirements and AISZ resourcing (e.g. AISZ may not offer some IB courses required by students, notably in languages) 
  • IB/DP only: Students may be required to take a specific Language A course for acceptance (e.g. Chinese A or Croatian A)
  • Learning Support needs to include documentation of all support received at previous schools, IEPs, psychoeducational assessment reports, and any other relevant documentation (not older than 3 years)
Enrolment Requirements

The following enrolment requirements are adhered to:

  • Pre-Kindergarten students must be 3 or 4 years of age by December. Priority will be given to students who are 4 years old.
  • Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by September 1.
  • Grades 1-12 students are placed in a class compatible with their age on evidence of successful completion of the preceding grade or year.

Specific requirements apply to these categories of applicants:

  • Pre-Kindergarten 
    • The applicant must be completely toilet-trained before commencing school. 
    • The applicant must be able to feed and dress him/herself reasonably independently. 
  • High School and IB/DP: Students must be on track with high school credits to graduate on time and have the appropriate academic and linguistic qualification for entrance to high school and IB.
Joining AISZ Mid-Year

Students moving from a school where the academic year ends partway through the AISZ school year will continue in the same grade. For example, if a student has successfully completed the AISZ equivalent of Grade 4 in December at their current school, that student will remain in Grade 4 for the second semester at AISZ (January - June). If a student has successfully completed half of grade 4 by the time they are to begin school at AISZ in August, then they will complete a full year of Grade 4 at AISZ (August - June). Exceptions to this will be made at the school’s discretion only if the school determines that it is demonstrably evident that the student would be better served in a different grade level.

Student Support Services

AISZ strives to service students’ needs to the extent of the resources available. At this time, the school is unable to diagnose students or to provide long term remediation and therapeutic treatment plans. If a child’s needs reach a level beyond our service capabilities, the school may refer and recommend for outside educational evaluations, remediation programmes, consultations and therapeutic services at extra cost to the family or may recommend a different learning program altogether. 

Families are advised that Zagreb offers little opportunity for external educational, psychological, and other assessments to be undertaken in English. As such recommendations for such may involve accessing these services in other countries such as Austria.  We can advise families directly if this is the case. 

Our Admission Policy and Student Support Team does not provide services for students requiring Intensive Support. 

Due to limited resources, we are unable to support students requiring the following levels of intervention:

  • A self-contained intensive learning classroom or life skills program.
  • Special day classes.
  • Severe behavioural support training.
  • Complex and comprehensive curricular modifications or individually designed inclusion opportunities.
  • Adaptive physical education and / or physical therapy and motor support.
Tuition & Fees

You can see more details about tuition and payment here.

AISZ is closed for the February Break!

American International School of Zagreb is closed for the February Break. We are coming back to school on Monday, February 26, 2024.