Thank you for your interest in the American International School of Zagreb. The American International School of Zagreb has been the leading international school in Zagreb for more than 50 years.


The best international education has to offer is waiting for you.



We look for qualified, experienced teachers from around the world who can inspire, motivate and empower learners.



The scholarship program offers exceptional Croatian students the opportunity for a first-rate international secondary education.


How to apply

Contact Admission Officer and make an appointment

To begin the application process families should contact the Admissions Officer. Where possible, the applicant and his or her family should make an appointment for an interview and tour of the school campus. Such a visit is most informative and often helps to reduce anxiety and answer questions about the family’s transfer to a new location.

Complete the Application forms

Complete the application forms and submit school records for the last two years. An official English translation of the records is required before acceptance. These documents should be returned to AISZ as soon as possible to facilitate a decision by the school administration and ensure that ample notification of this decision is given to you.

Assessment of applicant's level of English and/or Math

If there are questions about, for example, the applicant’s level of English or differences in the educational systems, the student and parents will be invited to come in for an interview and assessment (language, math, etc.). When possible, a student applying to middle or high school will be invited to be a visitor for one or two days in order for the school to gather data through observation.

Students who are non-native English speakers, or do not come from a school where the language of instruction is English will be given an ESL and/or placement test to assess their level of English and/or mathematics. At the elementary school levels, these tests do not affect the admission decision. All high school students will be given an English and a Math placement test, and the results of these assessments may affect the admission decision.

Payment of non-refundable Admission Fee

Students eligible for admission according to the above standards will receive an acceptance letter and must pay a non-refundable Admission Fee before their names will be placed on the class list.

Enrollment requirements

The following enrollment requirements are adhered to:

- Pre-Kindergarten students must be 3 or 4 years of age by September 1. Priority will be given to students who are 4 years old.
- Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by September 1.
- Grades 1-12 students are placed in a class compatible with their age on evidence of successful completion of the preceding grade or year.

Students moving from a Southern Hemisphere school will continue in the same grade, e.g. if a student finishes grade 4 for example in Argentina in December, that student will complete the school year in grade 4 at AISZ (January-June).

Required Documents

The following must accompany your application for enrollment in the American International School of Zagreb. A student cannot be officially accepted until the school has received all the documents listed below:

1. Application Forms

2. School records for the previous two years

3. Official translation into English of school records

4. Proof of payment of the admission fee

5. Copy of passport picture page

6. Enrollment Contract

7. Child Wellness Covenant



Tuition & Fees

School Division Tuition Fee
Lower School 15,855 €
Middle School - Grades 6-8 16,980 €
High School - Grades 9-12 17,490 €

* Other fees apply as well.

Financial Assistance

The American International School of Zagreb (AISZ) offers a tuition reduction program to families in need of financial assistance (FA). Families in grades 1-12 are eligible to apply for tuition reduction.