Other Services

An AISZ education extends far beyond classroom walls. Our students are challenged to be global citizens and live meaningful, engaged lives that make a difference.

Health and Safety

AISZ has an in-house medical officer, licensed doctor of general medicine working in a AISZ Medical Office, as well as a dedicated physical trainer for athletics.

Clinic Hours of Service

7:45am-4:15pm | during After School Activities

7:45am-3:45pm | non ASA weeks


AISZ contracts with an independent local bus company, IBUS Transport, to provide transportation to students to and from the AISZ. IBUS is a DMC (Destination Management Company)  custom travel provider with 28 years of experience. Transportation is the responsibility of the parents and is done directly with IBUS.

For any additional information please contact them by

email: tomislav@ibus.hr

or calling +385 98 277 191