Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to apply for Financial Assistance?

Any family who is paying the education cost out of their own pocket (private payer) and who does not receive an employer sponsored education benefit as a condition of employment. As part of the application process a letter from the employer is requested stating the family does not receive support for the child(ren)'s education.

Where I can find list of documents needed?
What is AISZ School Code in NAIS?

American International School of Zagreb School code is 900168 but you can also find it by name.

What is the maximum amount of assistance a family can receive?

The maximum amount of the award is up to 50% of the cost of tuition only. All other fees are charged at the full rate. AISZ derives operating funds almost entirely from the collection of tuition and fees. Tuition and fees are subject to annual increases and a prospective family is urged to consider this when considering applying to AISZ and the long term goals of the education of their children.

Is there a limit to the number of children from one family who can apply?

Yes. Two children from each family will be allowed financial assistance, if approved. Priority will be given according to age and will start with the oldest child.

Do I have to apply for FA annually?

Yes. A family's situation can change from year to year so the application must be completed annually.

Will the award be the same each year?

If a family’s financial situation does not change from year to year then it is possible the award will stay the same. However, this also depends on number of applicants and the Budget.

How does AISZ determine FA awards?

FA is determined through FA selection criteria and the analysis of a family's financial resources including both income and assets. Our goal is to determine the amount of money a family can contribute to educational expenses. Factors such as family size, number of children in tuition-charging schools, and cost of living expenses are all taken into consideration when determining a family's FA award. AISZ uses a web based application from the National Association of Independent Schools and more information can be found at

What if the parents are separated or divorced?

An application must be completed by each parent or guardian in either of these situations. You can fill the request jointly or separately.

What if I miss the application deadline?

The deadline is imperative and if missed then an application will not be considered. However, families who are enrolling at AISZ mid-year, after deadlines published on the web page, are eligible to apply provided they meet all application requirements. The last deadline to apply and meet all application requirements is September 15 for the current school year.

When is my payment due?

In full by May 15, or as agreed in the tuition collection procedure.

Is the Director involved in the FA process?

Only if a family appeals a decision, otherwise no. FA decisions are made by the Financial Assistance Committee which is appointed by the School Board and consists of the Business Manager, Upper School Principal, and Lower school Principal.

When does the funding for FA come from?

FA at AISZ is funded via tuition waiver. The current level is set at 12% of the schools operating budget and is reviewed annually by the School Board.

If my child is enrolling after the start of the year can I apply for FA?

In the first year of attendance, when applying for admission, a family may also apply for FA. Awards will depend not only on financial need, but also availability within the scope of the budget. The award must be determined before the child can start attending classes and the acceptance letter must be issued. Applications for FA will not be considered if received after the child starts.

Does AISZ offer tuition reduction opportunities other than applying for FA?

Yes. AISZ offers the Croatian Young Leaders Scholarship which is for high school students and more information on this offering can be found under the admissions tab on the AISZ website. Additionally, the school offers discounts that reward longevity.

Tuition Discount:  In the seventh consecutive year a student has attended AISZ a discount of 10% will be granted on tuition. This will continue until the student graduates, or departs AISZ.

Capital Fee Discount:  The capital fee will be charged at the full amount for the first three years that a child attends AISZ. In the fourth and fifth year the capital fee will be reduced by one third each year until the sixth year where a family will no longer have to pay the capital fee for that student.

A note about Discount's: Discounts are based on continuous attendance at AISZ. If a family were to depart AISZ then return the time calculation would reset.

Who should I contact if I have any other questions about FA?

You can contact the Business and Operations Manager, Tatjana Turza, via Phone: +385 1 7999 314, or email:

If you have questions while filling out the PFS you can reach the SSS by phone at +1-952-967-9922.