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Grade 11 Unity Trip

Grade 11 embarked on an unforgettable sailing adventure as part of the Outdoor Education program, learning how to sail and visiting two national parks, NP Kornati and NP Telascica. As they sailed around the Kornati archipelago, they were treated to the breathtaking beauty of the bays, rocks, and islands. They set sail on impressive boats, mastering the art of sailing along the way. The students had the privilege of witnessing a mesmerizing sunset from the cliffs at the Telascica National Park. 

The journey also included thrilling experiences like windsurfing and learning to sail on small sailing boats at the Water Sport Camp Lovisca, on the Island Murter. Students also hiked to an old bunker. As the sun dipped below the horizon in Murter, the students were left in awe once again. 

This sailing trip was more than just an excursion, it was a remarkable opportunity for them to bond, work as a team, acquire new skills and explore the charming Croatian coastline, creating memories that will last a lifetime.