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Humanitarian aid ''Središće Središću''

Dear parents and students! 

Our neighbors here in Središće are in need of assistance to make their festivities just as special as ours. The AISZ upper school students are therefore working with the program called ''Središće Središću,'' organized by the council of Središće to distribute food items to our neighbors. There will be boxes placed all around the school with signs labeled ''Središće središću''. We are looking for foods that can last for a longer period of time, such as: oil, flour, coffee, sugar, rice, nuts, pasta and any canned goods. We will be collecting food items from Monday December 2 to Friday December 6. All donations will be picked up on December 7nd and taken to the local center for social services in Novi Zagreb.

Let's help make this Christmas a memorable one for those in need because we can!

Flyer (pdf, 226 KB)