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School Year 2022-2023

Director's Welcome August 2022


Dear AISZ Families and Community,

Welcome to the Academic Year 

2022 - 2023

Monday 22nd August



Welcome to the new academic year of 2022 - 2023. 

I am excited, refreshed and looking forward to an exciting year ahead, after spending summer between the Croatian coast, Prague and Melbourne.

If you are new to AISZ this year, I am delighted to welcome you to our school and thank you for joining us. At the New Family Orientation tomorrow, Friday 19th August, the routines and processes of our school will be explained to you in detail. 

If you are a returning family, I cannot wait to welcome you again into our campus. Many of the routines in place for this year continue from last but we are excited to continue to build community and embrace parent partnership.

Lower School and Upper School Divisional Principals will be communicating more specific details in Divisional emails.

School Commencement 

Please ensure that your children arrive after 07:45 each morning when supervision in the school commences and students can enter. Classes and Homeroom commence promptly at 0800 and the students are expected to be ready to start their learning at that time. See arrival and departure expectations below

  • School Starts Monday 22 August, 08:00 
  • Full school Day for Kindergarten to Grade 12. 
  • Pre Kindergarten will continue their individual family meetings on Monday 22nd and hold half day classes on Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th. Full days for PreK will commence on Thursday 25th.

Arrival and Departure Expectations

One thing we learned through the COVID experience was that a very smooth entrance and departure of the school day protected our valuable learning time. We were able to protect large chunks of learning through this efficient system, hence we will continue it.

Designated Gates

  • Staff: Door B (Main Gate, Left Side) Before 07:40
  • Grade 6 - 12 Door A (Main Gate,  Right side)
  • Grade 2 - 5 Northeast corner of the building (near the drop off spots) 
  • Pre K - Grade 1 Gate C (East Gate at PreK playground)

If, as parents, you wish to meet with your friends in the school canteen, please drop your child at drop off, park your car in the parking spaces provided or outside the campus and proceed through Gate A only, showing your ID after 08:00. You are welcome to use the cafeteria to chat with friends and become reacquainted. Also in the afternoon, please do not park in the pick up areas if you are going to leave your car. You are free to meet other parents and friends in the canteen, prior to 15:15, but please do not approach classrooms. Many parents going to classes disturbs valuable learning time and removes independence from your child. 

COVID - 19 Awareness

As we are all learning to live with COVID-19 we are adapting in many ways, however, we still need to be aware that the virus is still prevalent in the community. On returning early to Zagerb, five of our staff members tested positive within days of arriving back in town and all will have been medically cleared before returning to AISZ. It is for this reason that, although wearing a mask is optional, for the first week at least it is highly recommended. 

Also if your child has any flu or cold like symptoms that are not allergies we are aware of, please keep your children at home. Our health guidelines for COVID-19 can be found HERE.

Lunch Orders

The lunch ordering system is on the website and ready to accept orders. The link includes the menu, price and ordering link. Any questions you may have can be addressed to New students will be able to eat for the first week by parents simply sending an email to the above address. This will cover the students catering needs whilst the student's ID and account are set up. This will be explained in more detail at the New Family Orientation,


AISZ contracts with an independent, local bus company, iBus Transport, to provide bus transportation for students. iBus is a tailor-made travel provider from DMC agency with 26 years' of experience. Arranging for transportation is the responsibility of parents and is done so directly with iBus.To arrange school bus transportation please do this directly through iBus:

  • For any information please contact Tomislav Laslo
  • E-mail:
  • +385 (0)98 277 191

Upper School:

We look forward to greeting all students on Monday morning at 07:45 am so that we can begin promptly at 8am. Here are a couple of reminders for the first day:

Dress Code: Transitioning from summer wear, please adhere to the dress code expectations currently described in the Community Handbook. You can find these guidelines on the website under Student Experience>Community>Community Handbook PDF. 

New Students: As a new student you will be greeted by one of the teachers on duty where you will be met by your buddy who will help you adjust to our school. 

All Returning Students: You may proceed directly to the gymnasium bleachers when you arrive for a welcome and introductions. 

The day will be a full school day beginning with an assembly and followed by a modified schedule for the day. Student class schedules will be available on ManageBac. 

Lower School

Ms. Black will be sending to Lower School Parents a detailed email, specific to the wide range of developmental needs of Lower School Students. Likewise your Grade Level teacher will be in direct communication with you with further information.


Yours Sincerely,

Paul Buckley

Director, AISZ