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Nikola Tesla visits AISZ

"Tesla - Unraveling the Genius Behind the Patents"

On Thursday, June 6, members of the Nikola Tesla Network organized a workshop for our G8 students about the life and work of Nikola Tesla. June 6th is also known as the day that Nikola Tesla arrived in the USA in 1884, 140 years ago.

After a short play with the excellent actor, Mr. Boris Šušnjar impersonating Nikola Tesla, the students were divided in groups and they worked on the questions about details of his life and his patents, with the use of an AI application impersonating Nikola Tesla as well. The application and the Workshop were developed by the Robokacija  Robotics club, all part of the Nikola Tesla cultural routes project, coordinated by Ms. Dubravka Davidovic.

The leader of the workshop, Ms. Martina Marusic Britvec organizes similar workshops for students in the newly opened Nikola Tesla Experience Center in Karlovac.  We have been really lucky to have all these Nikola Tesla experts in our school, and look forward to future collaboration with our local partners and future Tesla experiences.

Here is a reportage on Dobro Jutro Hrvatska  (on HRTi, 6.6.2024, the AISZ part starts at 0:24).

AISZ students had the opportunity to learning about the life of Nikola Tesla, a genius born in Smiljan, Croatia, educated in Karlovac, who left for the USA in 1884.

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