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AISZ is proud to support this important CEESA event for our the wellbeing of our community. Below please see the flyer for registration details and further information. 

Summoning Resilience and Finding Your Grace"
Presented by
Dr. Fran Prolman

CEESA is proud to be partnering with Dr. Fran Prolman to present a free regional webinar focused on helping parents and their children not only survive, but thrive, while staying at home and supporting their children through Distance Learning in the midst of a global pandemic. This no-cost regional webinar will be repeated for four sessions over two weeks.

This will be a one-hour, interactive live session that engages parents directly on issues they are currently facing through the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the use of Zoom, audience participation through polling and Q and A, webinar participants will have the opportunity to vote on specific topics which Dr. Prolman will address, ensuring that she is helping to address the concerns of your parent community.

We hope you will take advantage of this exceptional opportunity for some much-needed time for our CEESA parent community to come together and feel supported.

SCHEDULE: Parent Sessions Wednesday, May 13th at 5:30PM (CET).

Please register through this registration form. 

Summer Break

School is closed until August 19th.

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