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Breast Cancer Awareness at AISZ

In the heart of sunny autumn, AISZ's Social Committee orchestrated a day that added a different shade to the season - a vivid, spirited pink. The occasion was none other than "Pink Day" – a day where our school community donned the color pink with style.

Painting the School Pink!

The AISZ Social Committee spearheaded this colorful initiative with one central goal: raising awareness and support for breast cancer and the globally recognized "Pink October" campaign. On the designated day, AISZ was transformed into a sea of pink. Everyone joined hands (and wardrobes) to show their solidarity with those affected by breast cancer.

But the day wasn't just about dressing up. The Social Committee had another delightful surprise in store. As the sun began to set, staff gathered in the school terrasse for a social event that spearheaded the donation drive for a local charity - "Nismo Same." The charity's name, which means "We Are Not Alone," reflects its mission of offering support and assistance to those battling breast cancer in the local community. 

In just one day, we managed to paint the town pink, raise awareness about breast cancer and support a local charity. It was a day that beautifully blended fun and meaning, showing that we're not just a school but a community that cares deeply about the world around us.

Here's to more Pink Days and more opportunities to make the world a better place, one shade of pink at a time.