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AISZ US Unity Trips 2022

At every start of the school year, we have to do something that we will talk about in the years to come. And so this year, it was time for: team building games, camping, hiking, bicycling, climbing, rappelling, caving, kayaking, archery, SUP, starting a fire, roasting marshmallows, making your own diner, sleeping under the stars.

All these activities are following AISZ’s Strategic Initiative 3.
Facilitate each student’s growth through personal, self-directed, authentic learning.
We will learn more about ourselves and about our friends.

The goal is to encourage students to be more self-reliant. And also tests and supports students’ creativity and problem-solving skills, to enhance empathy, a sense of ethical behavior, and a service-minded attitude which are recognized as cornerstones of successful international citizenship

Activities were planned and organized from easiest for G6 to physically and mentally hardest for G11 so that they can provide challenge and a sense of adventure. Each one included a part with perceived danger and challenge for students so that we can provide them with the opportunity to grow and show their true characters.

Needless to say that everyone had an amazing time and at the end of their trips they said: "When can we go again?"